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Day of Reckoning in Zimbabwe

Well finally it looks like the years and decades of Mugabe’s rule are coming to an end. The old and frail figure of Magabe is no longer the future for the Zimbabwean people. The people know it, his party, ZANU-PF, knows it and more importantly the army knows it.

As the 93 year old became more frail and easier to coerce and maneuver. So his judgement and reasoning became more fractured and less logical and the poor Zimbabweans took the brunt of this in their daily lives. The political ambitions of Grace, his wife, were becoming all too real and her claim to political power came only through her association with Robert Magabe as his wife. A sort of Eva Peron for Zimbabwe

Time for Change

The chance of Grace Mugabe becoming president were becoming more and more likely as one by one her rivals for the top job kept being removed from office. But her political base was very shallow. She had no established credentials and her political friends and allies were few and far between.

Whether she would have made a success or not of the presidency is now academic. The events of last week pretty much stopped that possibility in its tracks – there will be no Mugabe dynasty. His party which could guarantee an election victory with Mugabe as party leader, looked increasing worried as the man, now in his mid 90’s looks unable to go on and unable to mount a serious challenge in future elections. The time had come for change.

And finally it’s here. The Mugabe’s long and successful (from his point of view) claim to power is now nearing its end and Zimbabwe can go forward

Zimbabwe a Fresh Start

From a national perspective, Zimbabwe has a lot going for it. It has everything you could possibly need, apart from oil. It was once the breadbasket of Africa, for good reason. It was self sufficient in almost every way and its peoples were highly educated.

It will need help, and support from other countries to return to its former stature. But it has a large number of people that fled the Magabe misrule. Highly educated people that would go back and swell Zimbabwe with highly talented and crafted people. Just waiting to come back and make Zimbabwe great again, not just in Africa but in the whole of the world.

Let us hope that for Zimbabwe and for Africa, the next set of politicians set Zimbabwe on a course to prosperity and enshrine in their constitution an open and truly accountable, transparent form of government.